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PTA Tax on iPhone 12 in Pakistan: An Ultimate Guide

by Nawab Mohsin

Navigating the regulatory landscape of owning an iPhone 12 in Pakistan entails understanding the pivotal role of PTA Tax. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority mandates this tax, impacting the device’s functionality and compliance. Comprehending the intricacies of PTA Tax on iPhone 12 models becomes essential for a seamless experience. 

This guide unpacks the significance of PTA Tax, its rates, reasons for compliance, and the imperative process of device registration, ensuring a lawful and uninterrupted usage of your iPhone 12 in Pakistan.

What is PTA Tax?

The PTA Tax, mandated by Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority, is a compulsory levy on imported smartphones like the iPhone 12 series within the country. This tax ensures compliance with regulatory standards, fostering legal use and contributing to the nation’s economic structure. Paying the PTA Tax is vital for iPhone 12 users in Pakistan, as it maintains device functionality and aligns with legal obligations for seamless usage.

Why must you pay PTA Tax?

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Paying the PTA Tax for your iPhone 12 in Pakistan is not merely a financial obligation; it is a crucial step in ensuring legal compliance. By fulfilling this requirement, you align with the regulations set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), preventing potential legal consequences associated with non-compliance.

Uninterrupted Device Functionality

Beyond legal considerations, paying the PTA Tax is paramount for uninterrupted functionality of your iPhone 12. Failure to comply may result in service disruptions, rendering your device less effective or even non-functional within the Pakistani network.

Contributing to the Local Economy

Paying the PTA Tax contributes to the local economy, supporting infrastructure development and various public services. This financial contribution aids in enhancing the technological landscape within Pakistan, fostering growth and progress.

Avoiding Restrictions on Device Usage

Non-payment of PTA Tax may lead to restrictions on your iPhone 12’s usage. This could range from limited network access to complete service disconnection. Paying the tax ensures that your device operates seamlessly and without any imposed limitations.

Fulfilling Civic Responsibility

Paying the PTA Tax goes beyond individual benefits; it’s a civic responsibility. It demonstrates your commitment to adhering to the legal framework in place, contributing to the overall well-being of the community and promoting a culture of responsible device ownership.

Preventing Legal Consequences

Failure to pay PTA Tax might result in legal consequences, including fines or penalties. By proactively meeting this financial obligation, you safeguard yourself from potential legal troubles, ensuring a stress-free experience with your iPhone 12 in Pakistan.

PTA Tax Rates for iPhone 12 and Variants

The PTA Tax rates for different iPhone 12 models vary based on the approval method—either through passport or CNIC.

iPhone 12 PTA Tax Rates:

  • CNIC Approval: Roughly Rs. 137,682
  • Passport Approval: Approximately Rs. 113,665

iPhone 12 Pro PTA Tax Rates:

  • CNIC Approval: Around Rs. 155,455
  • Passport Approval: About Rs. 129,823

iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA Tax Rates:

  • CNIC Approval: Approximately Rs. 160,958
  • Passport Approval: Around Rs. 134,825

iPhone 12 Mini PTA Tax Rates:

  • CNIC Approval: About Rs. 124,328
  • Passport Approval: Around Rs. 101,525

Please bear in mind that these figures are approximate and may differ from the actual taxes enforced by the authorities.

How to Register an iPhone 12 with PTA?

Registering your iPhone 12 with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) involves several essential steps:

Step 1: Check IMEI

Begin by verifying your device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. You can find this in the iPhone settings or by dialing *#06#.

Step 2: Access PTA Website

Visit the PTA’s official website to initiate the registration process.

Step 3: Create Account

If you haven’t already, create an account on the PTA portal. Provide accurate information and create login credentials.

Step 4: Login and Enter Device Details

Log into your PTA account and enter the required details, including IMEI, phone model, and your personal information.

Step 5: Choose Approval Method

Select between CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or passport for approval. Enter the necessary information accordingly.

Step 6: Payment of PTA Tax

After submitting device details, proceed to pay the applicable PTA Tax through approved payment methods provided on the portal.

Step 7: Confirmation

Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation message or email, indicating the registration of your iPhone 12 with the PTA.

It’s crucial to ensure all information provided during registration is accurate to facilitate a smooth process and avoid potential issues with device usage in Pakistan.


Navigating the PTA Tax requirements for your iPhone 12 in Pakistan might seem complex, but ensuring compliance is essential for a hassle-free experience. By understanding the tax rates, reasons, and the registration process, you can ensure your device operates smoothly within the legal framework.

FAQs about PTA Tax on iPhone 12 in Pakistan

Do I need to pay PTA Tax if I’m bringing in an iPhone 12 from abroad?

Yes, PTA Tax is mandatory for all imported devices, including the iPhone 12 series, brought into Pakistan.

Can I use my iPhone 12 in Pakistan without paying PTA Tax?

It’s strongly advised to pay the tax to avoid potential service interruptions or limitations on your device.

What happens if I don’t register my iPhone 12 with PTA?

Unregistered devices may face network restrictions or complete service disconnection, affecting device functionality.

Are there any exemptions from PTA Tax for the iPhone 12?

Currently, there are no exemptions for PTA Tax on iPhone 12 or imported smartphones like the iPhone 12 series.

Can I register multiple iPhone 12 devices under one PTA account?

Yes, multiple devices can be registered under a single PTA account, provided accurate information for each device is provided.

Is the PTA Tax rate the same for all regions in Pakistan?

Yes, PTA tax on iPhone 12 variants remain consistent across all regions within Pakistan.

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