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Unveiling the Full Spectrum of iPhone 12 Features and Specifications

by Nawab Mohsin

The iPhone 12 stands as a pinnacle of technological innovation, merging sleek design with cutting-edge features. This device represents a paradigm shift in smartphone technology, boasting an array of functionalities that redefine user experience. 

From its captivating finish to the advanced camera system and intelligent Face ID, each aspect of the iPhone 12 is meticulously crafted to elevate convenience and performance. 

Let’s delve into the intricate details of its features and specifications, unraveling the marvel that is the iPhone 12.


The iPhone 12’s Finish options include:

  • Black: A classic, sleek finish exuding timeless elegance.
  • White: A pristine, clean finish complementing the device’s modern design.
  • (PRODUCT)RED: A vibrant red finish supporting a charitable cause.
  • Green: A refreshing, nature-inspired hue adding a unique touch.
  • Blue: A striking and vivid shade for those seeking a bold statement.
  • Purple: An elegant and expressive color option, offering a sense of sophistication and style.


  • 6.1” Super Retina XDR OLED display
  • 2532×1170 resolution, 460 ppi
  • HDR with True Tone & Wide color (P3)
  • Haptic Touch, 2,000,000:1 contrast
  • 625 nits typical brightness, 1200 nits HDR
  • Oleophobic coating, multilingual support


The iPhone 12’s camera system redefines photography and videography with its advanced features:

  • Dual-lens setup capturing moments with stunning precision
  • Low-light photography capabilities ensuring clarity in any environment
  • Dolby Vision recording for cinematic-quality videos
  • Smart HDR 3 for vibrant and detailed photos
  • Night mode and Deep Fusion enhancing image quality in challenging conditions
  • Portrait mode with Depth Control for professional-looking photos
  • 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording bringing movies to life in stunning clarity


The iPhone 12 provides flexible storage capacities to cater to individual preferences:

  • Options include 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants
  • Choose the storage capacity that suits your usage needs best
  • Ranging from smaller storage for essential use to larger capacities for extensive media and app storage
  • Allows users to select the ideal storage option based on their requirements and usage patterns

Face ID

  • Advanced facial recognition for secure device access
  • Effortless authentication without compromising security
  • Adapts to appearance changes for consistent performance
  • Works across varied lighting conditions

External Buttons and Connectors

  • Volume up/down
  • Side button
  • Ring/Silent
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Built‑in microphones
  • Lightning connector


Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant on the iPhone 12, offers:

  • Seamless voice commands for various tasks and queries
  • Personalized assistance for scheduling, reminders, and more
  • Continuous learning for improved user interaction
  • Integration with device features for hands-free operation
  • Evolving AI capabilities enhancing user experience

Accessibility Features

The iPhone 12 offers a suite of Accessibility Features tailored to various user needs:

  • VoiceOver: Narrates on-screen content for users with visual impairments.
  • Magnifier: Uses the camera to enlarge objects or text for improved visibility.
  • Zoom: Magnifies the entire screen for easier reading.
  • Display Accommodations: Customizes color and contrast settings to aid those with color blindness and vision challenges.
  • Siri and Dictation: Enables voice commands for hands-free device control, assisting users with mobility impairments.
  • Switch Control: Allows device operation through adaptive switches or gestures for individuals with physical disabilities.
  • Closed Captions: Provides subtitles for multimedia content, aiding users with hearing impairments.
  • AssistiveTouch: Offers customizable touch controls and gestures, supporting users with motor skill difficulties.
  • Sound Recognition: Alerts users to specific sounds like doorbells for those with hearing challenges.
  • Accessibility Shortcut: Grants swift access to accessibility features via gestures or buttons for added convenience.

Built-in Apps

The iPhone 12 comes equipped with a suite of powerful built-in apps:

  • Camera: Captures and enhances photos and videos with diverse shooting modes and editing tools.
  • Photos: Organizes and edits captured images, creating albums for easy access to memories.
  • Messages: Facilitates text messaging, multimedia sharing, and group chats.
  • FaceTime: Enables video and audio calls between Apple devices.
  • Mail: Manages email accounts, facilitating sending, receiving, and organizing emails.
  • Safari: Apple’s fast and secure web browser for internet browsing.
  • Maps: Offers navigation, directions, and location services for travel and exploration.
  • Weather: Provides weather forecasts and conditions for global locations.
  • Notes: Allows creation and organization of notes, lists, and sketches.
  • Reminders: Helps in setting and managing tasks and reminders.
  • Clock: Includes alarms, timers, stopwatch, and world clock functionalities.
  • TV: Accesses TV shows, movies, and original content through Apple TV+.
  • Music: Plays music, podcasts, and grants access to the Apple Music library.
  • Wallet: Stores credit cards, tickets, passes, and payment options.
  • Health: Tracks health and fitness data, integrating with various health apps and devices.
  • Settings: Controls device settings and preferences for customization and management.

Free Apps from Apple  

Here are some of the free apps available from Apple:

  • Pages: A word processing app for creating documents.
  • Numbers: A spreadsheet app for organizing data and making calculations.
  • Keynote: A presentation app for crafting visually engaging slideshows.
  • iMovie: A video editing app for creating and editing videos.
  • GarageBand: A music creation studio with various instruments and recording features.
  • iTunes U: An educational app providing access to courses, lectures, and educational content.
  • Clips: An app for making fun, expressive videos with text, graphics, effects, and more.
  • Swift Playgrounds: An app to learn and experiment with coding using Swift, Apple’s programming language.

These apps cover various creative, educational, and productivity needs, offering users an array of tools for different purposes, all without any cost.


The iPhone 12 stands as a pinnacle of technological innovation, harmonizing cutting-edge features with user-centric design. With its exceptional display, powerful camera system, and seamless performance driven by the A14 Bionic chip, this device redefines smartphone standards. Its water-resistant build, 5G capability, and wireless charging embody convenience and durability. 

Moreover, its inclusive Accessibility Features and suite of built-in apps cater to diverse needs, solidifying the iPhone 12 as a versatile and revolutionary device in the market.


Is the iPhone 12 water-resistant?

The iPhone 12 boasts an IP68 rating, ensuring water and dust resistance for enhanced durability.

Does the iPhone 12 support 5G connectivity?

Yes, the iPhone 12 is 5G capable, providing users with high-speed connectivity for seamless browsing and streaming experiences.

Can the iPhone 12 charge wirelessly?

Absolutely, the iPhone 12 supports wireless charging, offering convenience and versatility in powering up the device.

What distinguishes the iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic chip?

The A14 Bionic chip fuels the iPhone 12’s performance, delivering unparalleled speed, efficiency, and power for seamless operations.

Are there any notable differences between the iPhone 12 models?

Primarily, the differences lie in screen sizes and camera capabilities among the iPhone 12 models: mini, standard, Pro, and Pro Max.

Can the iPhone 12’s camera record in Dolby Vision?

Indeed, the iPhone 12’s camera supports Dolby Vision recording, allowing users to capture cinematic-quality videos.

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