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Can Your iPhone 6 Charge Wirelessly: A Complete Guide

by Nawab Mohsin

The evolution of technology has brought us the convenience of wireless charging. If you own an iPhone 6 and are wondering whether it can charge wirelessly, you’re in the right place. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs that iPhone 6 charge wirelessly.

From its capabilities to the dos and don’ts, and even converting your old iPhone 6 for wireless charging, we’ve got you covered.

Does the iPhone 6 Have Wireless Charging?

When it comes to the iPhone 6, one of the most common questions is whether it supports wireless charging. 

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 does not come with built-in wireless charging capabilities. It’s essential to understand that wireless charging was introduced in later iPhone models, starting with the iPhone 8. 

However, all hope is not lost for iPhone 6 owners who want to enjoy the benefits of wireless charging.

Can iPhone 6 Charge Wirelessly?

While the iPhone 6 lacks native wireless charging, it doesn’t mean you can’t charge it wirelessly. You can still enjoy the convenience of wireless charging with the help of some accessories. To charge your iPhone 6 wirelessly, you’ll need a wireless charging receiver or adapter.

Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Stick to OEM Chargers: Charging your iPhone 6 with non-OEM chargers is strictly prohibited by Apple. It’s crucial to use certified accessories to avoid potential issues.
  • Risk of Damage: Using non-certified wireless chargers can damage your device, leading to unforeseen problems.
  • Warranty Implications: It’s essential to note that if you use non-certified accessories for charging, your device may lose the warranty provided by Apple.

How Can iPhone 6 Charge Wirelessly

Now that we’ve established that wireless charging is possible for the iPhone 6 with the right accessories, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of how to do it.

Step 1: Set up Wi-Fi Syncing for iTunes

To begin, ensure your iPhone 6 is set up for Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes. This ensures a seamless connection between your device and your computer.

Step 2: Unplug the iPhone from Mac/PC

Before proceeding with wireless charging, make sure your iPhone is disconnected from your computer.

Step 3: Ensure the Rings on the Card Are Exposed

The wireless charging receiver card has metal rings that need to be exposed for proper contact with the charging pad.

Step 4: Make Sure the Card Is Securely Placed

Carefully insert the wireless charging receiver card into your iPhone’s charging port, ensuring it’s securely placed.

Step 5: Now Pop in the Charging Pad

Place your iPhone 6 on a compatible wireless charging pad. Ensure that the pad is plugged in and powered.

Step 6: Put the iPhone on the Pad

Once your iPhone is on the charging pad, it should start charging wirelessly. Ensure proper alignment for the best results.

The Benefits of Wireless Charging

Here are the benefits of wireless charging:


Wireless charging eliminates the need for plugging and unplugging cables, making it a convenient way to charge your device.

Enhanced Durability

With no exposed charging ports, your iPhone 6 is less vulnerable to dust, dirt, and water damage, prolonging its lifespan.

Cable Reduction

Adopting wireless charging can reduce clutter and the number of cables you need for your devices.

How to Convert an Old iPhone 6 to Wireless Charging?

If you’re still using your trusty iPhone 6 and want to experience the convenience of wireless charging without upgrading, you can do so by following these steps.

  • Purchase a Wireless Charging Receiver: Start by getting a wireless charging receiver or adapter designed for the iPhone 6.
  • Insert the Receiver: Insert the wireless charging receiver into your iPhone’s charging port, ensuring it fits snugly.
  • Place on a Charging Pad: Find a compatible wireless charging pad and place your iPhone 6 on it.
  • Enjoy Wireless Charging: Your iPhone 6 is now ready for wireless charging. Simply place it on the pad whenever you need to charge it.


While the iPhone 6 doesn’t come with built-in wireless charging, you can still enjoy this convenience with the right accessories. 

Remember to use certified chargers to avoid damage and warranty issues. Whether you’re looking to charge wirelessly or convert your old iPhone 6, following the steps outlined in this guide will make the process seamless. 

Embrace the world of wireless charging and simplify your daily charging routine.


Can I use any wireless charging pad with my iPhone 6?

Yes, as long as the wireless charging pad is Qi-compatible, you can use it with your iPhone 6. Just make sure to follow the installation steps mentioned earlier.

Is wireless charging as fast as using a cable?

Wireless charging may be slightly slower than using a cable, but it offers convenience and eliminates the need for cords.

Are there any risks associated with wireless charging?

Using non-certified accessories can damage your device and void your warranty. Stick to OEM or certified wireless charging accessories.

Can I use a wireless charging receiver with an iPhone 6 Plus?

Yes, the wireless charging receiver is compatible with both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Do I need to remove the wireless charging receiver to use regular charging?

No, you can leave the receiver in place, and your iPhone 6 will still be able to charge using a regular cable.

Where can I purchase a wireless charging receiver for my iPhone 6?

You can find wireless charging receivers online or at electronic accessory stores. Make sure to choose one compatible with the iPhone 6.

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